André Hemer: hyper/links

Published to document Andre Hemer’s exhibition hyper/links, 26 January–27 February 2011 (interrupted by February 22 Earthquake).  hyper/links presented a series of large-scale wall paintings based on the QR code.  This specific type of two-dimensional barcode has the potential to be read by smart phones, which are enable with freely downloadable software.  Once enable these barcodes direct the viewer to a specific web address.  The reproduction of these barcodes within the catalogue documentation allows the reader to activate them.


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hyper/links (2012)

Published by The Physics Room Trust
Text by: Stephen Cleland & Creon Upton
Design: Ella Sutherland
Softcover card, 175 x 245mm
Edition of 300
ISBN: 978-0-9876560-1-8