Past event

10 October 2017

Blame it on the rain: a one night only film screening

10 October 2017. Free entry.

Blame it on the rain: a one night only film screening

Plants in water asymmetrically climbing and twisting towards the light

                                                    Break. Broken. Fall. Smash. Shatter. Spill the tea. Know yourself & love urself.

                 My heart is so broken

                                    I need to 3D print a new one.

                                                                                     What purpose does art have?

                                                     Blame it on the rain

Performing self management rituals.

                                 ASMR videos of baby animals interacting

Having empathy

The water became too warm                      the algae vomited itself out of the coral


Brains spill out like spaghetti.             Mom’s spaghetti.               Spaghetti on top. Spaghetti on pizza.              Kill the poor                           SPAGHETT

Aliens emerging from Papatuanuku’s womb coming to save us.

                                                                                                 Performing or serving?


Blame it on the rain

A one night only film screening presented by Fresh and Fruity and JPEG2000 as part of Till the World Ends

Orr Amran, Sophie Cassar, Christian Noelle Charles, Hannah Hallam-Eames, Claire Estermann, Ana Iti, Nunzio/Natasha Madden, Maddy Plimmer, Autumn Royal, Talia Smith, Kalinda Vary, Layne Waerea, Nicole Webber.

7-9pm, 10th October

The Physics Room

209 Tuam Street Ōtautahi

Popcorn provided ;)

We would like to acknowledge the Mana whenua of Ōtautahi

Fresh and Fruity and JPEG2000 wish to acknowledge the mahi and aroha shown to us by the Sleepover club, Friends are Artists, Ōtautahi Kōrerotia, Callum Devlin and the hostess with the mostest, The Physics Room, especially Jamie Hanton. All of whom have assisted in putting this screening together.

Ehara koe i a ia! Tēnā kōrua i ā kōrua manaakitanga mai !