Paula Coulthard


16 Aug — 08 Sep 2000

Somewhere between science fact and science fiction lies Paula Couthard's arcane and fetishistic assemblages, creating work which is both humorous and horrific. A Christchurch trained artist who has most recently been based in Auckland as a prop maker for theatre and TV productions, Coulthard's work strikes a sensitive cultural nerve at a moment in history when distopian scenarios of a genetically modified future are rife in the public imagination. In Colonise, a tiny arm of cast bronze toes stand to attention before a larger than life 'big toe', while a fleet of watching eyes slyly observe from surrounding walls.


Reviews, Essays & Articles
It's a material world
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Ussher, Robyn.
Exhibitions by David Clegg, Paula Coulthard, Stella Brennan.

Focus on objects in Physics Room shows
Christchurch Star, 2000 Aug. 23, p. A5
Exhibitions by David Clegg, Stella Brennan and Paula Coulthard.