Simon Lawrence

path of the path

15 Mar — 07 Apr 2007

Christchurch-based artist Simon Lawrence has a penchant for the slippage between science and truth. His installations of objects and video conjure up supernatural activity and fictitious occurrences in pursuit of the unexplainable, the mischievous presence that exists in our daily life. path of the path is a new installation developed for The Physics Room that rolls out tricks and plays on this slippage, delving into the realm of the supernatural with a cheeky curiousity. Replete with lightening strikes and rolling thunder, this installation alters the space and plays with perception.

Simon Lawrence graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts with a BFA (Sculpture) in 2000, and has since exhibited in numerous spaces around New Zealand. Recent exhibitions include Break: Construct, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, 2006; PFFFT, HSP, 2006.

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Science fact or science fiction? (webarchive)