Past event

01 June to 01 December 1996


01 June to 01 December 1996. Free entry.

Over a period of months during 1996, South Island Art Projects coordinated the making and presentation of a series of art posters under the project title Hoardings. These were displayed, according to the poster's subject, in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Five contemporary artists were commissioned to each work in collaboration with a community group of their choosing, to prepare a large two colour poster. These posters were "published" using the professional services of project sponsors Phantom Billstickers, appearing on city poster hoardings in the context of band and street culture advertising posters.

Hoardings Participating artists:

Kirsty Cameron collaboration: Women prisoners in Mt. Eden jail
Simon Endres collaboration: MESH (Maori Education for Sexual Health)
Rob Haakman collaboration: The Roger Wright Centre
Honor Harger collaboration: Womens Refuge ( Auckland)
Janene Knox collaboration: NZ Prostitutes Collective



Physics Room Journal, December 1996, p 7 - 8, 11, 14 - 16, 19,
Bowron, Julian. 
Reviews a series of art posters under the project title Hoardings