Kain Picken & Rob McKenzie with Claire Fontaine & Food Not Bombs

Upping the Anti

14 Jun — 08 Jul 2006

Melbourne-based artists Rob McKenzie and Kain Picken explore the realms of real and symbolic action in Upping the Anti. The two artists have previously worked together in under the collaborative project Slave. For this exhibition, McKenzie and Picken have invited New York/Paris-based artist duo Claire Fontaine and Food Not Bombs to participate.

The artists write:
“What we want is a promotion of activity that maximises effect. It is about subjectivity and it is about standing up for people who get shafted. It is about adding our energies to the world and believing in the possibility of change. In a neon work, Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley promoted the idea: ALL THAT RISES MUST CONVERGE. We agree.”


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Upping the Anti
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