Fiona Jack & Dee Williams

Undoing what is riveted. See river.

23 Aug — 16 Sep 2006

Fiona Jack and Dee Williams’ project in The Physics Room records and interprets the shifting representations and boundaries of the Christchurch area. For the exhibition Williams’ has undertaken research about the area remotely, sourcing images from archives, and Jack has travelled to New Zealand to map the area through a Situationist-inspired pyschogeographic process that comes together in the exhibition as an abstract layering of paintings, drawings and maps on all surfaces.

Fiona Jack’s recent practice is predominantly related to the community/city surrounding the gallery but she also references, and appropriates, the methodologies of early French Situationism and the history of abstraction.

Dee Williams’ investigative practice involves extensive research that results in projects that draw attention to subtle details around us. For The Physics Room, Williams uses photography to examine the representation of three dimensional space in Christchurch and surrounding areas.

Jack and Williams are both graduates of the MFA programme at CalArts and currently live and work in Los Angeles, USA. Jack has exhibited widely, as well as working as a private art teacher, and is currently on the staff of Afterall - A Journal of Art Context and Enquiry, London. Williams completed her MFA at CalArts in 2002 and is currently teaching at the University of Southern California.