Past event

25 November to 20 December 2009


25 November to 20 December 2009. Free entry.

C.L.U.E (Color Location Ultimate Experience) poster campaign
robbinschilds + A.L. Steiner

C.L.U.E. (Color Location Ultimate Experience) is a collaborative video and performance work by New York-based artists robbinschilds, A.L. Steiner, AJ Blandford and Seattle-based band Kinski. A work permanently in progress, C.L.U.E. adapts to the space it temporarily occupies and while the video and performance works were installed inside The Physics Room's gallery spaces, a public poster campaign functioned as a viral visual art project on bollards and walls around the city. Stills of North American landscape imagery from C.L.U.E. interpolated Christchurch's city streets and disrupted the usual hordes of advertising with colourful, performative and humorous visual cues.

The presence and circulation of C.L.U.E. imagery outside of The Physics Room also functioned to promote robbinschilds' public presentations and performances that were also important elements of their residency in Christchurch during late 2009.

robbinschilds' residency was presented by The Physics Room in association with The Arts Centre, The Canterbury Community Trust and the Embassy of the United States of America.