Marnie Slater

Our Moment Together

07 Sep — 21 Oct 2006

Honing in on those moments when notions of what is public and private collide, Marnie Slater’s Our Moment Together promises to both accommodate and amplify the honesty of her audience’s leap into the ordinary.

Slater's recent practice has become increasingly interested in the active prospects of gallery space. Through collaborations, interventions and installations she has interrogated the role of the gallery, artist and audience. For The Physics Room Slater will be setting the scene for visitors of the gallery to have a moment with the city while being both protected and exposed by the confines of the gallery.

Intended to be read in parallel to the 2006 SCAPE Biennial of Art in Public Space, Our Moment Together plays with the heavily criticised, revered and politicised boarders of the public gallery and will also employ a poster campaign around Christchurch. Interested in the gallery as a place of examination, performance and potential self-enlightenment, Our Moment Together questions the parameters and processes of interaction.

Marnie Slater is a Wellington-based artist who has recently returned from a five month Commonwealth Arts and Craft Award in Bombay, India. Recent projects include an artist book, an epic collaboration and a mural in a suburban kindergarten. Slater graduated from the Fine Arts programme at Massey University, Wellington in 2004 and has exhibited throughout New Zealand and Australia. Slater is an active board member of Enjoy in Wellington and is currently trying not to get a job.