TPR x INF DEF Tote bag by Jessica Maclean

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TPR x INF DEF Tote bag by Jessica Maclean

⁣To celebrate the return of our library we have partnered with Infinite Definite to launch three limited edition tote bags. Each tote edition features a quote from past issues of our publication HAMSTER Magazine.

The quote on this tote edition is from “Vanishing Point” by Jessica Maclean, an essay that was in HAMSTER Magazine Issue Ono. “Vanishing Point” spanned questions across the breadth of human perception, and questioned how the limits of perception are culturally defined. Maclean slipped into a poetic register at times, perhaps to open up a more polyphonic reading than prose can access. The quote printed in a crystalline, Moana blue on the tote bag comes from the concluding moments of this essay, evoking an experience of passing between worlds and beyond the familiar five senses.

To read the full contribution online (and listen to it’s audiobook companion), head to:

Edition of 50.
500 x 500mm / 130mm gusset / 600mm handle.
340gsm cotton canvas.
Please note that each tote will vary slightly due to it's hand-printed nature.

Produced by The Physics Room and Infinite Definite.
Designed by Daniel Shaskey and Holly Maitland.
Printed by Against The Grain Screenprint & Design in Woolston.