Debris Issue 03: The Urge to Know 

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Debris is story-driven literary magazine based across Narrm/Melbourne & Paris where we live, work, and write.

From the Issue 03 editors’ note:

As a child encounters their own sentience, a fountain erupts.

We begin to find ourselves with an appetite for knowledge, which propels us into the world and whatever sense is to be made of it. As this grows with and through the body-a way to touch, grasp, beyond the range of our own senses-this proclivity gradually

gains a (more) conscious quality. Later still, and inevitably, a barrier emerges, and we become self-regulating, tempering the urge

in order to prioritise other needs and yearnings. The compulsion towards knowledge, then, manifests and recedes over time, in public and in private, assuming the form of invitation, attachment, affliction.

Contributors: Jamie Marina Lau, Nayuka Gorrie, Jumaana Abdu, Justin Clemens, Martyn Reyes, Xen Nhà, Alison Whittaker, Cherine Fahd, Madison Pawle, Em Meller, Lucy Van, Snack Syndicate, Scott Limbrick, Zhi Cham, Samantha Floreani, Kat Gledhill-Tucker, Darcy Hytt.

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