Judy Darragh, Girls on Hope, 2017

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Judy Darragh, Girls on Hope, 2017.
Mixed media, 560 x 780 mm (paper size).
Edition of 20.

Ever an artist to draw on the magic of the everyday Girls on Hope is an ode to Darragh’s teenage years: her four girlfriends from high school—self-named the foursis—driving around Christchurch in her mother’s Morrie 1000, going to Rosalee’s Nightclub, sneaking into pubs like The Gresham and Mollet Street Market, and listening to Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. Times filled with plenty of hope and promise.

Accompanying each work on paper is a hand-built glass sculpture resplendent with costume gemstones and a chained sherry glass, which neatly holds your 20ml bottle of AMBUSH! perfume produced by FLEURS DU MAL. 

This is an edition from our 2017 Annual Fundraiser.

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