Eddie Clemens, Donut, 2020

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Photo: Janneth Gil.

Eddie Clemens, Donut, 2020.
48” inflatable tube custom printed with the Oblique Trust logo, the original Kiosk logo, and an earlier Physics Room logo.
Edition of 5.

Great for summer water fun, Eddie Clemens has made five of the Donuts that were part of his exhibition Kiosk: Directors’ Commentary available for purchase. Conceived from the file name of the Oblique Trust’s logo (donutfront.jpg), they are a prime example of the orthogonal thinking central to Clemens’ practice.

One of the Donuts features in Clemens' cinematic homage to the Kiosk floating out to sea due to extreme liquifaction. In his reenactment of this disappearance, Clemens paddles a SUP in the form of the Kiosk roof and Physics Room Director Jamie Hanton follows on a Donut along the Otakaro Avon river. 

This is an edition from our 2020 Annual Fundraiser.

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