Ayesha Green, Cushla Donaldson, Eve Armstrong, Gabby O'Connor, John Vea, Mike Hewson, Rob Hood

(Un)con—ditional I

01 Mar — 31 Mar


Still from she cultivates this 'aina along with her younger siblings, yet she cannot inherit that same 'aina, John Vea, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist.

This year, The Physics Room is changing the way it operates. Eschewing a relatively static model, we are partnering with a number of public galleries across Te Waipounamu, the South Island to create collaborative exhibitions. By doing this we hope to draw on shared strengths and resources and embrace the flexibility and urgency that comes from working alongside, and within, other institutions and contexts.

The (Un)conditional series of exhibitions has been developed alongside this operational shift. Most simply, the idea of something being unconditional can be thought of in the context of love; of the unrestricted and unlimited gesture of giving affection without expectation. Outside of this particular—and relatively rare—occurrence, a myriad of overlapping conditions dictate how and why we give and receive on a day-to-day basis. The (Un)conditional series explores the concepts of hosting, being a guest, trade, exchange, reciprocity, utu and manaakitanga. The artists involved examine the conditions that shape cultural, legal, commercial, familial, and educational relationships, whether these are explicit, implicit, above board or sub rosa.

The first part of the (Un)conditional series of exhibitions takes place at The Physics Room (Christchurch) and combines borrowed collection items from The Suter Art Gallery (Nelson) and The Ashburton Art gallery chosen by the artists showing in those spaces later this year, as well as new and existing work by those artists.


Public programming:

Wednesday 28 February 10.30am - 12.30: The Unseen: a science and community art project with Gabby O’Connor and Dr Carolyn Lundquist (Marine Ecologist NIWA and Auckland University). This event is free but registration is necessary. Please email hope@physicsroom.org.nz

Thursday 1 March 12:30: Ayesha Green & Cushla Donaldson artist talk

Wednesday 7 - Friday 9 March: Eve Armstrong will present her ongoing project Trading Table. Trading Table involves the artist setting up a table in a public place and inviting people to trade with her for something on the table. Trading Table deals in multiple currencies including ideas, information, skills, services and items. Most participants encounter the table unexpectedly and work with the artist and her assistants to devise a trade on the spot. These trades are simply written on fluorescent card and displayed on the table.