Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics RoomLog 12 - The Pink and Blue Number
Log 12 - The Pink and Blue Number

The boy-girl pink and blue issue


Samsara - the editorial Gwynneth Porter (Editor)

front cover: Yvonne Todd’s Clark and Yvonne Todd, evening of the Takapuna Grammar School ball, winter 1988. She was wearing a dress she designed herself and the person she is glaring at was her mother. So why was she going with her brother? Who cares - she never made it for drinking too much fruit wine and passing out at a friend’s place anyway.

poster: AD Schierning and Frances Uprichard’s Adrian and Francis and Adrienne and Frances: "that’s as hard core porn as it’s legally allowed to be in the UK... sorry it’s the law..." Ressy? Whatever do you mean?

back cover: One of David Bennewith’s large aeroplane taking off photos, goodbye QF307, is here small. Aaah, parting is such sweet sorrow.

A special fashion page! Violet Faigan’s Freckles and Spectacles and two Aaron Kreisler photographs of a vacated and returned-to-iwi Army base outside of Hamilton.

Ian John’s mouth "centre enfold" (other half on page 50). Fold it in to the centre! It hijacks the centre from each end. How masterful! The masculinity is somewhat punctured by how, before folding the crease, the folded-in halves make a pretty love-heart. (They are mouth prints apparently even though they look like something else...)

Tessa Shimada Laird on the LA artist whose nature is surely as irrepressible as Monkey’s, Jennifer Moon & a ready Jennifer-reckoner.

Tessa Laird’s revisionist Dinner Party after Judy Chicago’s masterpiece of feminist art. More is indeed more.

Jon Bywater’s pink and blue songs list; Charlotte Craw’s Lipstick Verse, or "If All Else Fails, Smile"; and Jonathan Nicol’s 1995 Metallica painting James, as in James Hetfield.

lionel budd takes two pages. Greedy pig. Wouldn’t even tell me what they were called either. How like a man. Mary, Mary...

A kind of debased (in the pure sense) hospital romance from Ben Harper’s, Many Cathy Returns.

Anna Sew Hoy has just come out as an expatriate New Zealander. Here, see Peek. She says "Crush on. That’s the topic, and the impetus for making work. The action is crushing, embodying, wrapping, molding, recreating. Crushes can be visions of the future or utopias. They are built on projections of what you hope the desired to be. They are the energy they inspire. Zoom in so closely on your crush that it becomes solid. Morph yourself into a rock that wraps around your BMX bike in an embrace that crashes it. Look at the girl across the table so hard that when you look away, her image is printed on your bedroom wall. Let your bedroom be a picture of the inside of your head. The work is a way to live in the idea of action that the bike and the tough girl represent, because if I can ride fast and speed through every intersection, then I know what it is to beat death. I can paint who I want on the wall and live with their spirit. This is a matter of becoming the subjects that inspire you."

Bourbon John’s Pillow Talk.

Details of Paula Brand’s porno quilt, a specially embroidered bedspread of hers.

Albert Refiti’s By Culture: Siamese twins, forked columns and tattooing in Samoa. Log wanted to interview the Ingham twins, but was told they do not talk. And then this came in! Problem solved.

Janice Wilson’s "Taupou & Constable - Roadblock" from the Savage Site/Savage Sight series. In this series she photographed taupou (village virgin) in traditional costume alongside a series of white professional men. Stop in the name of love and dance.

Pass me the knife! Freshly cut collage from one National Geographic mangling P. Madden. Side-by-side we have Hydrophobic (a moment to fear) and Hydrophilic (women in the undulating embrace of water) as "multiple/singular, joy/fear, in/out and flux/stasis".

A document of Kirsty Cameron’s Halloween in Howick.

Dominic Pettman’s Planet Porn. The East, my good man, and don’t spare the horses!

Maddie Leach’s Alpine Skiing. "(The jury divides the skiers into groups according to previous performance. Generally the group with the best competitors begins first and the others follow in sequence.)"

Chris KrausArad. Aaah, the eternal battle.

Michael Harrison’s poem painting, She saw me clearly. More O*P*P? (Other people’s pussy that is.) Yeah you know me. But what’s this? A dogg?

Back by popular demand! Another Ani O’Neill calendar sort of in time for the Chinese New Year. It is now the year of the snake...

Angelique Kasmara’s Lovers and Fighters. All about how Aikido gives as good as it gets I guess. And how to defend yourself with a matchbox.

Straight outta London, Rosanna Raymond, a.k.a. Sistar Spacific of the Pacific Sisters, in association with Kerry Brown and Damon Mangos, presents "The Butterfly Thighs Flutter buy The Bye". Check out the poem it contains called Thick Lick.

Judy Darragh’s Tags. Such shocking vandalism is perpetrated by the authorities and the establishment.

feature reviews:

Darren Sylvester’s The Soccer Game. "(As you may or may not know, all my photographs start out as short stories.)" This story seems to be about the made and failed relationships we have in the workplace; a nasty place for sexualisations and dumb sexual divisions of boys vs. girls too, but.

Lauren Beckwith’s Stabilize Your Hole from the "Meta-Talk" street posters. Others include Let’s not fight, and Now you can talk to the dead...

Tracy Nakayama’s Moustache Ride is the bounty of an appreciation of the eroticism of the early to mid-1970s; veritably an "Art For the Practicing Heterosexual".


Physics Room pages:

The other half of Ian John’s pagework (see listing for page 5).

More from Geoff Heath’s from Pastel Pricks series. All this from a man who lists, among his childhood obsessions, staring in the mirror; and under adult obsessions, eye cream.

Web only contents for issue 11 

Thick Lick. the poem

Lissa Mitchell Forum Report: Fluxus and its Ongoing Influence on contemporary art Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, 15 October 2000.

Shay Launder Am I or is FLOOXIS far away? FLUXUS at Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, March-May 2000

Tessa Shimada Laird - a ready Jennifer-reckoner 



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