Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics RoomLog 12 - The Pink and Blue Number
Log 12 - The Pink and Blue Number

Lipstick Verse, or "If All Else Fails, Smile"
Charlotte Craw


She gets up to it every morning

"I am always in the pink: pink walls, pink floortiles, pink fireplaces’Don’t you think it’s fabulous, darling?" (quoted in Barbara Cartland. Memoirs of Women In’. London: Forrest, Sturm & Gough Publications, 1988. 179—80)

"We have to apply for trademark registration—I mean, it’s our colour, it means us. It means communication."

"[’] attitude adjustments [’] trade secrets. It’s the kind of information that real women can use."

’the taste of thirst on her tongue, bedroom walls the colour of dehydration’

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"And for "Lips", she decodes lipstick language so that even the least artistic hand can create a pucker-perfect mouth."

’trying to paint her lips,

deep into pale skin

Zillah R. Eisenstein. "Read Our Lipstick: Further Imaginings" In The Color of Gender: Reimaging Democracy. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.

Revolutionary new ingredients lock in moisture particles for a shine that lasts right through the evening.

— Lipstick. Won’t kiss off on him.

"No matter, we would communicate in the universal language of women in search of cosmetics. After all, besides kissing, our lips were meant for lipstick, n’est-ce pas?"

Charlotte Craw's long, dark locks fell in gentle waves over her shoulders. Her bosom heaved against its stays. Her full lips trembled, red against her pale skin. Passionately, she picked up her quill.




Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room