Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics RoomLog 8 - Totem and Taboo
Log 8 - Totem and Taboo

Totem and Taboo


Issue Eight: View contents pageWith a superb full colour cover by Megan Dunn, this issue is a visual stunner.

Pageworks by Yvonne Todd, a centre spread by Bill Hammond, and a combined effort with poetry and images by John Pule and Sofia Tekela, this is definitely a LOG worth collecting. The Freudian theme is dabbled with in Nik Wright's discussion of prison tattoos, Ochiichi Augustmoon's discussion of gendered language, and David Woodward's examination of the disinhibiting effects of the "Feraliminal Lycanthropiser".

Meanwhile, Bryce Galloway gets back to his Scottish roots while Gwyn Porter goes back to Christchurch and lambastes all the sacred cows. Heather Galbraith reviews Sophie Calle in the Freud Museum, London, and Danny Huppatz talks about the inaugural Melbourne Biennale, Signs of Life.

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The Shame!
a pagework by David Carman LONDON

I'm Your Pusher
Kelly Malone AUCKLAND on Freud the coke addict

Totem and Taboo
Nik Wright CHRISTCHURCH on the art of the prison tattoo

Fe/male I
Ochiichi Augustmoon NEW YORK on Japanese gendered language

Loving Mother- Confessions of the Fool
a pagework by Terrence Handscomb WELLINGTON

I Split your Gaze
a pagework by Brook Andrew SYDNEY

I Love Scotland
Bryce Galloway WELLINGTON on Celtic revivalism

a pagework by Chris Chapman ADELAIDE

Freudian Slippers
a pagework by Darian Zam SYDNEY

Cat and Hand from The Menthol Series
by Yvonne Todd AUCKLAND

Wild Waves: Confessions of the Feraliminal kind
by David Woodard LOS ANGELES

a pagework by Daniel Guzman MEXICO CITY

Sleep Streams
a pagework by Matthew Bradley ADELAIDE

an apology to Lawrence Aberhardt RUSSELL

Canned Kiwi
a pagwork by Tony de Latour CHRISTCHURCH

Kitchen hands
centrefold spread by Bill Hammond LYTTLETON

Fiction Supplement: Bug Love
by Charlotte Craw AUCKLAND

Fiction Review: In the Midnight Hour
Emma Budgen CHRISTCHURCH reviews The Millennium Bug: a Christian Solution

Physics Room Pages: Of Milk and Atmospheres
Edward Scheer SYDNEY looks at the work of Richard Crow LONDON

Physics Room Pages: Executor
a pagework by Richard Crow

Physics Room Pages: Polynesian Holiday
A poem by John Pule AUCKLAND with images by Sofia Tekela AUCKLAND

Delicious Duplicity
Heather Galbraith LONDON on Sophie Calle at the Freud Museum

The streets are paved with gold
a London roundup by Daniel Etherington

Sydney Roundup
by Alex Gawronski

Danny Huppatz looks at Signs of Life, the inaugural Melbourne Biennial

Something's fishy, the Auckland Roundup courtesy of Phil Chard and Nicholas Spratt

Wellington Roundup
by Mr. Sean Kerr

Christchurch Roundup
by the prodigal daughter Gwynneth Porter

Dunedin Roundup
by Mr. Bob Mould

Poets' Corner
David Hornblow AUCKLAND and Ben Harper MELBOURNE

Occupying the tenuous zone between the end of the magazine and the start of the advertising is a pagework by Marion Schebesta BERLIN


Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room