Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics RoomLog 8 - Totem and Taboo
Log 8 - Totem and Taboo

Wellington Roundup
Sean Kerr


the visits:
SPOOKY SPOOKY. paul d miller aka dJ spooky that subliminal kid, the man with extremely long hands, maybe plastic surgery silicon finger extensions or maybe a NATURAL DJ adaptation. the fastest spins in the west within his coffin setUP and over-lecturalised talk.
paul D miller is his name, ahh YES_ahh NO as old ANDY(warhol) would say. ahh YES _ahh NO.

paul D miller was supported by ME, so i cant say anymore except it was fun.

spooky then performed at the sweaty ceiling club: studio 9 , an eclectic set that got the cool techno kids wondering what to dance to next, sporadic beat fuckups you could say. Enjoyed this very much, made fresh change from those DJs that are so careful about lining every beat up exactly.
_as spooky would say, PEACE. ¢

Skin Deep Sean Kerr
Still from Skin_Deep:another view
Computer audio/image performance,
City Gallery

Tony OUSLER aka FONZ. quoted by the dominion to be a mix between Jerry Seinfeld and the Fonz, spent a wee time here, showing at the blockbuster gallery. Squashed faces in promiscuous positions with some nice drawings. a sort of RETROspective I guess!! ¢

Jeffrey SHAW aka jeffrey shaw, a very nice person and a another intellectual. gave a whacking good acadeMIC talk on his work as well as installing a fullON interactive work. a semi fascist control platform (a star trek-LIKE navigation device) allows you to spin as the image spins while navigating thru the sectors of great holiday locations. ¢

Denise KUM aka Daniel MALONE or is Daniel really denise in disguise (re: hamish advert in the pander). as someone said to me, it's very aesthetic, and i said YES, it is very denise. a beautiful wee show of foam forms in corporate logo style. supporting her corp support, i guess! ø

GATE aka michael morley, brought his office chair down and performed with his back to the audience. rude. I suspected the audience was pissed cause all they wanted was a bit of noise. Sorry, no noise, just sweet sound. Supporting Gate were locals, Yuri original and la Gloria, a little loud for us old folks, but had some sweet and interesting moments. ¢

NEW new_ soon the ADAM gallery. could of named it I ad_AM, but wouldn't do that with all that media hoo haa. Big opening (sept22nd) for those long thin shows. very GRAND i must say, with lots of interesting EVENTs lined up.

The new artist ruin RUN space is coming soon. It will be all GOO in october, depending on financial support of course. no nAME as yet but this space is planned to do what the other locals GALLERIES are not doing. basically FILLing the gap.

the institution:
well the vic UNI and POLYtech had a divorce and POLY hooked up with mASSEY. part of the marriage requirements and regulations, is that poly or what you call massey now is to start up a school of fine ARTS, yes not another ART school, but this looks too BE different in its approach (progressive you could say).

the new people in OUR LIVES:
a new inFLUX of arty people have hit TOWN, practicing artists maria-walls, melissa macleod, and james wallace . and curators/writers william mcaloon and zara stanhope. wee wellington is looking good, and just like JIM speers' best-selling CNZ application, i think we TOO are on a roll.

¢=City art gallery
ø=Hamish Mckay

Sean Kerr
Spring 1999


Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room