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Log 10 - The New Age

New Age


Issue Ten: View contents page"Life is a ladder infinite-stepped, that hides its rungs from human eyes. Planted its foot in chaos' gloom, its head soared high above the skies."
(Sir Richard Burton)

"I am God. I am God. I am God."
(Shirley MacLaine)


The tenth issue of Log has been devoted to the New Age where nihilism, logic and materialism are out, and the spirit is in!

As the Age of Aquarius is almost upon us, our contributors have outdone themselves. We have the occult galore, tantric sex, shrines, psychics, orgone accumulators, self-help tapes, herbal remedies, gurus and sage advice, RVs, heart-felt boy-fiction and poetry, Hunterdwasser vs. The Unabomber and more magic than you can shake a stick at. Who would have thought our contributors would be such a worldly, nay celestial, bunch?

As a sample, here is a new piece of fiction by I love Dick author Chris Kraus, a crop circles exposé by out-going editor, Tessa Laird, and in the inaugural "Lifestyles if the Antipodean Bohemians" column, an introduction to our very own Rosaleen Norton, aka "The Witch of King's Cross" and bona fide inspiration for the Rolling Stones' song "Sympathy for the Devil".

We also have 12 pieces that have over-flowed from issue 10, so bountious were the submissions. The universe does truly provide!

Yours in Light, Truth and Love,

The Editors.

Cover. Maddie Leach, Pool (1999). It is the Norman Kirk Memorial Pool in Lyttelton. On a walk the other day Leach discovered a seat on a street corner in Seatoun with a plaque saying that Norman Kirk used to enjoy sitting there. Quel coincidence.


Bo and the Gypsies
Chris Kraus' latest marvel.

The Strange World of Rosaleen Norton
The fabulous Anna Hoffman tells us a little of the stellar and unsung expatriate New Zealand artist-occultist, Rosaleen Norton. Known as "The Witch of King's Cross", the press sensationalised her story under wondrous '50s headlines like "Satan was the Boss in King's Cross" at a time when this was not that cool.

Wheat Dreams
Tessa Lairdinterviews an international crop circle perpetrator, Rod Dickinson, and reveals that all it is is art. Lucky aliens!

The Log round-ups section has whattup in:
New York,

Wellington, our nation's capital,
Christchurch, flat city, Log's home town,
and Dunedin.

SPECIAL ONLINE-ONLY CONTENT - our 12-step programme to clarity

What are you looking at?
Sally McIntyre interviews Japanese noise guru Otomo Yoshihide, that's what.

Have a vision for free!
Warren Olds supplied this meditation device that is guaranteed to work every time. Astound your friends and meet thy maker all in one!

Pay attention!
Wade Ronald Churton gives us his low-down Fundamentals of the New Age.

Renounce everything!
Naomi Rousseau with another classic of spleen, Why I hate the Dalai Lama.

Ben Harper on The Science-Art Festival, held in Murwillumbah, NSW, over seven nights between March 5 and April 2, 2000.

DX Raiden waxes lyrical, a lecture transcribed no less, for your aedification.

The Underwater Cave Adventure straight (not!) out of the Lesbian Arabian Nights by Shelley F. Marlowe, one of NY's finest.

Never forget!
Christchurch darling George Gossett wrote this account of Kenneth Anger's years-ago visit to Christchurch. Paul Johns drew it to our attention on the occasion of Log's interest in Rosaleen Norton. And the picture was taken by him too back in 1993.

Become an artist!
Photograms and arty invocations for your bad self courtesy of Sharon Dravitzki (aka ElectroPlatedNickelSilver).

Chris Chapman's pagework conundrum.

Website o' the issue
Tessa Laird entered "cosmic snakes" and then hit "search", and look what came up!

Pack all your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile! It's another gob-smacking cartoon from David Carman and Anya Thompson.

All the great stuff you miss out on if you're too cheap to subscribe to LOG!And you'd have to be pretty damn cheap because it only costs $NZ12 p.a.*

The Ship of Fools
Yes, it's brand new fiction by The Unabomber!!

INATANT KARMA: Consequently I was President

A pair of Marion Schebesta Deutch-photos, from the INSTANT KARMA: consequently, I was President series.


AD Schierning's bon voyage pageart offering, http://www.tantra.co.nz. Burn baby, burn!

Some say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one
Gwynneth Porter interviews that Christchurch icon-artist Paul Johns about orgone accumulators and his art.

Everyone speaks when they come to my house: overhearing the New Age
Another Bob Cardy masterpiece of fab-fiction.

Life is always choice: Megan Dunn's "The Labyrinth"
Jon Bywater tells us all about Megan Dunn's in-one-fell-swoop mastery of the worlds of new age meditation tapes and video tape.

We have Ann Shelton's pagework K-hole - go the aerial Aucklander!

Glad to be Dead
Sydney-siders Mikala Dwyer and Simone Parsons' pagework Glad to be dead.

Spector vs. Lector
Jamie King. He's fast. He's young. He's Welsh. And here's his story.

New Age policing: biology as ideology
Matthew Hyland wins the long award this issue with a scary piece of writing about the pigs and the kids. It's now o'clock, daddy-o, and all is not well.

Here we have a pagework from Auckland spunk-rat Ralph Paine.

Video Capture 2000
A pagework from The producers of Artfan magazine, A Constructed World, called Video Capture 2000.

Untitled pageart from Auckland's Kirsty Cameron - very mysterious.

Romance Scandal ii
Maria Walls has a thing or two to say about herbal remedies here in the pagework Romance Scandal ii.

A spirit in the mirror
Alice Angus - more magic writing from this British treasure, and ancillary photos too.

Ethical geometries and the biological transmutation of metals
Ben Harper - this mysterious Melbourne cut-up and writer does it in boxes this time no less!

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, RIP
The new Log late column this time features a Tessa Laird obituary going out to the honorary NZer artist-architect Hundertwasser.

Poets Corner
In Poets' Corner this time we have work by five unstoppable New Age guys - Cameron Bain, Kevin Henderson, David Hornblow, Kai Jensen and Chico de Rudin. And a photograph from Max Reeves to polish you off.

More page art, more new age men - Dunedin's Douglas Rex Kelaher this time.

New Ages
Auckland artists Daniel Malone and Dylan Rainforth's pagework New Ages.

For those deprived of their Ritalin
The Log book review column this time is graced by an Angelique Kasmara account of the New Age primer, The Celestine Prophesy.

The merging of occult powers and technology
Emit Snakebeings (aka some itinerant Englisher-hippy artist-savant) has gone all out here - talk about manifest.

Madpride 2000
And lookit! Cartoon et dialogue from intrepid OErs David Carman and Anya Thompson.

Physics Room Pages
The Physics Room pages this time document the work of exhibitionists Mitch Robertson, KIT and Tabatha Forbes.

Web Contents Page
Presenting the inaugural Log website contents page.

Pöster pullöut

Expat-NZer-in-London Heather Galbraith's tribute to the man she loves: Lemmy, the grey-shoe hero.

Back Cover
With local lad Dan Arps' pageart we visit the land of the stretch-RV - the ultimate in luxury urban assualt vehickles.

*If you live in New Zealand


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