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Log 10 - The New Age

How to become an artist
Sharon Dravitzki


Dear friend, have you ever said to yourself "I'd like to be an artist, but I just don't think I have the talent", or "I'd like to be creative, but I just don't have the motivation"? If this is you, then read on. Now may be the time for you to be open to New Directions, to embrace new energies.

Embrace new energies

Your Inner Voice

Before one decides to travel the path of the Artist, one must discern for themselves whether it is the right time on the journey of life to do so. This may be difficult, especially as we humans have been conditioned since childhood to listen only to our minds. Using only the intellect to get through life ignores the value of what our emotions tell us. This can cause unnecessary anxiety, and lead you down paths where you find you are not where you wanted to be.

One must listen to one's heart, or go on gut feeling, or passion or inspiration - they are all one and the same. This is the desire of your True Self. Your pre-cognitive positive feelings are the guide. Post-cognition will say, "It can't be done! It's too difficult" and "That's too risky!" Most of us will agree with our logical mind and consequently our creativity is squashed. Horizons are broadened, boundaries remain unpushed.

As an artist, you need to nurture this spark. Banish your 'buts' and instead use your intellect to think about ways it could work. Who knows what directions your spark might take you - certainly to a sense of fulfillment.


Once you have worked out that yes, you would like to be an Artist, your next step is to affirm yourself and your vision by fixing your identity as an Artist. You need to spend some time each day utilising short, easy to remember positive statements about yourself. These need to be spoken in the present tense. Given time, these affirmations will alter your energies so that you can indeed be creative and artistic. A simple statement such as "I am a good artist" or "I am a creative person" is all that is needed. It doesn't even have to be true. All that is required is that the statement become part of your subconscious mind and that you focus positively on the statements. Thus you will alter your vibration.


Next, you need to project into the future. First think about what it is you really want. If you don't know what it is that you want, then how can the universe provide it for you? Second, relax deeply, and think about a situation where you are being creative or artistic in the way you've chosen. Think about a number of different scenarios, or versions of this. Next, focus on the feeling this creativity would bring you. Make it as vivid and real as possible in a visceral way. Naturally these emotions will be possible. If it feels flat, then perhaps your projection is motivated by an ego desire rather than your intuitive self.

You need to do this projection for five minutes each day. Little and often is the key. Be patient. Things can take time on the earth plane. Do not work out all the steps of how you think you could get to being the artist you want to be. The universe does not work this way. This is too thought-based and controlling, and while you are using your willpower to become an artist, it is not for you to dictate the steps on this process, merely to recognise them as they are presented to you.

Dear reader, I hope this has given you some direction. Art is undervalued in our left-brained society. Each of us has a seed of creativity within just waiting for us to nurture it. You may also find that you will become more linked in to your Higher Self when you are being creative - some people have 'knowings' or 'hunches' at these times. So if you fell excited at the prospect I have presented to you, suspend your doubt and let these words act as your guide. Don't just think you could be an Artist, instead know that you ARE an artist.

Yours in light and love,



Sharon Dravitzki [Taurus Rat] is a part-time support person working with people with mental health problems, and a part-time artist.



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