Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics RoomLog 14 - Life and Death
Log 14 - Life and Death

The Life and Death Issue

Log 14

Cover: Warren Olds’ Hells Apples (from an original idea by Charlotte Craw). He was very interested to learn that NZ conceptual artist Billy Apple collects motorbikes. Then he thought, should he ever form a gang... (Remember CB Wong of the Apple and Pear Marketing Board? The way he used to talk about a "Crip(p)s apple"? Cont. Ed.)
NB. This cover was a big mistake and breached the Hell’s Angel’s trademark. Log sincerely apologises. Sorry!!

back cover: Lyndal Walker’s Tears in the rain.

poster: Gayrilla! For those of you who are not up with the play, Gayrilla is a star. (And available!) All she has ever wanted is to perform, to dance, and to be a celebrity. Here she is at a polo training centre in Clevedon. Photos: Jessica Bluck.

Cameron Bain’s very short story together with Simon Cuming’s Island of the Dead.

Cameron Bain interviews Tom McCarthy of the International Necronautical Society.

Harry Pye interviews artist Frances Upritchard. This and the above interview all took place in present-day Londinium.

Gwynneth Porter with yet another i/v! Here, Anne Walsh and Chris Kubick discuss their encounter with an artist-Countess from beyond the grave! & excerpts from the Countess transcripts

Tessa Laird with dialogue too! Hers is with David Woodard, composer of Prequiems for, among others, the Oklahoma Bomber.

Paul Johns’ la grande cigarette sculpture.

One from Layla Rudneva-Mackay’s recent Pillows on Park Benches series.

Charlotte Craw’s "Are Friends Electric?", a dissertation on the subject of artificial animals.

Violet Faigan with some ideas for naming that new baby in your life.

Michael Harrison’s It’s over, right?

Lena Salazar’s "Defensive driving" story.

Leafa Janice Wilson with an ode to Days of our Lives. About time! Somebody finally understands!

One of Nova Paul’s Natural Disasters. This one at Boxman Lane Arcade, Auckland.

Ann Shelton’s Doublet (Parker/Hulme, Victoria Park, Christchurch).

Two Letters from Abroad: Daniel Mancini of LA writes, as does Chris Chapman from Tokyo.

Book Review: Shoshanna Scholar’s "The Pain Journal", the autobiography of the dying Bob Flanagan.

The return of Poets’ Corner: this time, a feature on Tim Joosten’s work. Once a mortician...

The Physics Room pages: Emma Bugden on Gleam and Chris Chapman on Thrash - see two gallery directors write of their sister-city exchange shows.

AD Schierning’s death of the red ideal.

Simon Barney’s Celebrity. Now that’s living!

The Feature Review section:

  • Simon Barney on an Australian forum about artist-run spaces.
  • Louise Garrett on the Venice Biennale, with photos from a NZ expat who prefers the term no-pat, David Hatcher. Both are based in Berlin.
  • Alice Angus with Londoner-perspective on the self-same Biennale.
  • Dr Bruce Jenner on the Office/Space exhibition, a fruit of the Dunedin winter.

Stephen Birch’s Study for a sculpture.




Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room