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The Body of the Land/The Solutions Project
The Body of the Land/The Solutions Project


The Body of the Land/The Solutions Project

Two catalogs in one!

This 1993 South Island Art Projects publication contains documentation of two distinct projects, both based in Dunedin. The Body of the Land/The Solutions Project linked a major arts institution, in the form of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, with a more marginal arts structure, the artist run space Solutions, and presented artists projects alongside a major symposium.

Engaging and interrogating notions of the land as a central cultural icon in New Zealand, The Body of the Land investigated how traditional ideas such as the southern man’s ‘heartland’ are holding up under assault by contemporary views on post-colonialism and bi-culturalism.

The catalog is presented with a front cover at each end, and profiles projects by established artists Andrew Drummond, Pauline Rhodes, and Stuart Griffiths, and a series of more emerging practitioners Fleur Yorston, Michael Morley, Brendan Lee, Robyn Webster, and Low Eng Teong and Simon Kaan. Excerpts and articles by forum speakers including Wystan Curnow, Peter Robinson and Edward Ellison are included.

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ISBN 0-473-01947-7

The Body of the Land

  • Foreword
    Cheryll Sotheran
  • Introduction
    Jude Rae
  • Forum Speakers
    • Edward Ellison
    • Colonial Perspectives on the Land Pakeha Artists' Responses to the New Zealand Landscape
      Marion Minson
    • Peter Robinson
    • Reciprocal Traces: From Motherland to (M)Otherlands
      Robin Craw .
    • Wystan Curnow
    • Andrew Drummond
    • Land Extensums
      Pauline Rhodes
    • The Why of Where Meaning and Meaninglessness in New-Zealand Landscape
      Rhonda Cooper
  • Artists Projects Documentation
    • Stuart Griffiths
    • Pauline Rhodes
    • Andrew Drummond

The Solutions Project