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Sparkling Duets, Christchurch

Sparkling Duets, Christchurch the CD documents and extends a performance that was produced by Louise Menzies in conjunction with The Physics Room in late 2007.

Sparkling Duets, Christchurch is the third instalment in an ongoing series previously realised in New Plymouth, as part of the performance series Mostly Harmless at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery (2006), and in Wellington at Bar Bodega (2005), which involves local couples in each location being invited to play music at a public show.

The Christchurch event featured seasoned musical partnerships and brand new duos, from garage band country to indie pop, all of them romantically involved, who responded to an open call for participants made through newspapers, email lists and word of mouth. As documentation of the event the CD extends the acknowledgment and investigation of the personal in art, while referencing the legacy of romantic duos such as June Carter & Johnny Cash, and Yoko Ono & John Lennon.

Copies of the Sparkling Duets, Christchurch CD are now available from The Physics Room.

Publication Details
Title: Sparkling Duets, Christchurch
Artist: Louise Menzies
Performers: Button-Up Coat, Brian & Maryrose Crook, Thom & Allison, Theresa & Pete and
The So & So's
Publishers: The Physics Room
Details: CD and case with 8 page colour booklet and insert
Track Listing: Sparkling Duets, Christchurch Track Listing: Button-Up Coat: Cut Your Hair (Pavement) / Button-Up Coat: I'm a Fool for You (Bob Dylan) / Button-Up Coat: Postcards from Italy (Beirut) / Brian & Maryrose Crook: A Little to the Left / Brian & Maryrose Crook: [Intro] / Brian & Maryrose Crook: Incubator / Brian & Maryrose Crook: Outer Mongolia / Thom & Allison: The Passenger/ Diane, it's 6 a.m. / Theresa & Pete: Very Scary Sparks / Theresa & Pete: Fluffy Cloud / The So & So's: Crying (Roy Orbison) / The So & So's: Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
Price: RRP$15 NZD