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The Tomorrow People catalog is available for sale from The Physics Room.


Ronnie van Hout
Self Portrait
Pegasus Print, 2001

Ronnie van Hout is a New Zealand-born artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. His work is represented by Hamish McKay in Wellington, Ivan Anthony in Auckland and Darren Knight in Sydney. His lavish lifestyle is funded from both personal and private means, allowing for an extensive international art profile. This effectively means a lifestyle of constant travel. Between the parties and the flights, he maintains an all day/night contact with the factory-like atmosphere of his studio via the Internet, where his talented and dedicated assistants continue to complete the many projects this artist is undertaking at any one time. His successes are too numerous to mention here.

Excerpt from
The Tomorrow People Catalogue
Published 2001

Wholesale: $6.00; Retail $10.00
ISBN# 0-473-08158-X
24 pages, 7 colour plates

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