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The Tomorrow People catalog is available for sale from The Physics Room.


Ani O'Neill
[The blurryness is just an unavoidable symptom of overloaded interconnecting energy, at least the feet are clear about where they stand!]

Ani O'Neill was born in Auckland, NZ in 1971. She is of Cook Islands and Irish descent, and lives and works in Auckland (when she is not stranded in Los Angeles because of acts of terrorism against the United States of America and their pathetic plans to retaliate...).

Her most recent exhibition Doodles (not a narrative, a story ), chain-stitched especially for politically retarded Los Angeles, might have to come down way early dude, due to more idiotic macho ego / capitalist bollocks. Her final statement? "I wanna go home".

Ani is actually a well respected, competent, compelling, compassionate and stylie artist in the Asia Pacific region (cf. LA) who wants the world to wake up and smell the love, and not be afraid to surrender to it...who really needs to learn how to crochet now huh?

Excerpt from
The Tomorrow People Catalogue
Published 2001

Wholesale: $6.00; Retail $10.00
ISBN# 0-473-08158-X
24 pages, 7 colour plates

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