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The Tomorrow People catalog is available for sale from The Physics Room.


Violet Faigan
The artist in her room , 2001, Photo: Malcolm Deans

Violet Faigan was born in Timaru in 1970. She has been exhibiting since 1994, working mainly in installation and often including sound elements, sometimes the artist’s own voice. Traditional woman’s craft techniques are often employed and found or pre-used materials are favored. Recent shows include: mostess, Room 401, Auckland, 2001, help, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2001, 78 sounds old, Penthouse and Pavement Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Installation detail from 78 sounds old, 2001, stereo, hand cut acetate picture discs. Photo: Malcolm Deans

Excerpt from
The Tomorrow People Catalogue
Published 2001

Wholesale: $6.00; Retail $10.00
ISBN# 0-473-08158-X
24 pages, 7 colour plates

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