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4Eva - A Tribute To Fanaticism


4Eva - A Tribute To Fanaticism

Audio CD Catalogue of Physics Room web project
Produced 2000
Wholesale: $12.00; Retail: $20.00 CD

The internet has spawned a style of website known as the tribute or fan site. 4Eva is a shrine to this endearing, sometimes desperate, often more personal style of mania. Fan sites have proliferated and loved ones, pets, philosophers, books, religious extremists, terrorists, gurus, separatist guerrillas, porn stars and rock groups, among others, have been immortalised by their fans or followers. Designed and built by artists with an interest in such unconditional tributes and declarations, 4Eva is itself an investigation of the expression of everyday admiration, respect that the world wide web has enabled. These artists have recorded material in their bedrooms and garages, making it available on the world wide web for all to see. 4Eva has been realised as a internet interface accessible through The Physics Rooms website. Available for purchase is the catalogue in the form of a limited edition audio CD.

4Eva and all other Physics Room publications are available from the gallery at 209 Tuam St in Christchurch, Parsons Bookshop in Auckland, or by mail order.

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4EVA the website - all tracks are available now!

  • Ed Osborn - Hellbender - 02:03
  • Laura Lee Bruce  - Hillbilly Girl with the Blues - 02:05
  • Angie Reed - D-E-P-R-E-S-S-E-D - 01:33
  • David Watson et al. - Shower Scene - 04:16
  • N.T.D. - Rainbow - 05:07
  • Finite Element  - Props to all the props - 01:42
  • Into the Void - Interstellar Overdrive - 11:19
  • Shandy - Magic Collection - 02:59
  • Paul Homeboy - Witchita shortwave metal detune box - 03:28