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The Physics Room's series Sampler
Sightseeing - Essay by Rosemary Forde





2 - 27 March, 2004
Sampler: Robin Neate

Christchurch artist Robin Neate presents a collection of works revolving around the re-presentation of appropriated imagery. A 1950s tourist snapshot of a couple in front of the Eiffel Tower, found by the artist in a junk shop, was a starting point of sorts for this installation of works. The photo has been re-photographed, as is Neate's practice, enlarged and framed to sit alongside two other photographic works.

Three sculptural pieces through the middle of the space recall the elongated abstracted forms of Alberto Giacometti. Working with plaster and using simple forms, these pieces echo the biomorphic objects Neate's photographs. A series of paintings complete this grouping of works, small reproductions of clichéd and familiar images from art history - ballerina's painted in the style of Pissaro, a woman with a cat (a nod to NZ painter Michael Harrison). Neate's untitled project takes the audience to look back at images that sit outside of popular culture. Exploring different approaches and modes of representation, the artist mixes and changes styles to suit the purpose at hand.

Reviews & Essays

Sampler Catalogue: Robin Neate
Essay by Rosemary Forde
<available online>

Art Murmer
Avenues, April 2004
Andrew Wood
About Robin Neate

Exhibitions - Christchurch
Art New Zealand, #111, Winter 2004, p50-51
Gina Irish
Reviews 'Sampler' by Robin Neate
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Giacometti’s Poodle
The Package 14th March 2004
Captain Soda   
<available online via the Physics Room Archive>

Essay by Rosemary Forde
in The Physics Room Annual 2004
ISBN 0-9582651-2-7