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Sugar Takes Out Candy
Sugar Takes Out Candy (detail)
Fresh is a series which profiles the work of thirteen of New Zealand's most exciting current practitioners. All recent graduates from arts institutions, both local and international, these artists draw on a vast terrain of medium and criticality's, giving an overview of the diversity and depth of contemporary practice today.


TAKE OUT (Sugar Takes Out Candy)
Julaine Stephenson

May 3 - May 20, 2001

Currently based in Melbourne, Julaine Stephenson is an installation artist with a penchant for faux velvet stretch knit, and earth shattering audio. Exhibiting widely over the last eight years, including at The Performance Space (Sydney), Soundculture 96 (San Francisco), and Useby (Melbourne), Stephenson blurs business with pleasure in dual roles as artist and co-ordinator, having produced a number of public and site - specific projects as founding member of the Oblique Trust.

Creating a whimsical tableau of danger and intrigue, for The Physics Room Julaine presents a snapshot of her larger than life creations Sugar and Candy. In an earlier episode, Sugar, in a spate of greediness, was found ripping superfluous pieces of body adornment off Skater girl (AKA Candy).

Unsatisfied with the recent spillage of blood, the pint sized femme fatale then called in the heavyweights to rid her world of the scourge of Candy. Now Sugar has discovered haute cuisine and the ancient art of the Ta-ke-a-way. Sugar's still out for a piece of Candy!

Reviews & Essays

Fresh - A series profiling Contemporary New Zealand Practitioners
Essay by Lee Devenish
in The Physics Room Annual 2001
ISBN 0-9582359-1-0

Images looking up
The Press, 2001 May 16, p. 36
Ussher, Robyn.
From Below: an installation by Brendan Lee and Sera Jensen; Take Out by Julaine Stevenson.