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Curated by Tim Silver and Russell Storer (Sydney)
Stephen Birch, Mikala Dwyer, Simryn Gill, David Griggs, John Meade, Robert Pulie, Paul Saint, Tim Silver
November 7 - November 29, 2001

Artists have long used objects in order to solve problems, to develop ideas or simply to just play around. Despite the proliferation of photographic, film and digital media in art, we are still powerfully drawn to the pleasures that tangibility offers us. The hand-made, the well designed, the mass produced: all supply their own comforts. We still desire, even require, the texture, the aroma, the weight of objects and artifacts.

Objection seeks to emphasize our experiences with the object - as 'things' that are encountered within a particular space. By collecting a group of artists whose common thread is that of working with 'things,' Objection is an exhibition that is about our engagement with the physical, and the experience of walking around, of looking and of thinking.

Curators Tim Silver and Russell Storer will be present in Christchurch for the opening preview of the exhibition, and will give a floor talk about OBJECTion on the 7th of November.

Reviews & Essays

OBJECTion - curated by Tim Silver and Russell Storer
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in The Physics Room Annual 2001
ISBN 0-9582359-1-0

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