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From Below: Sera Jensen and Brendan Lee
Fresh is a series which profiles the work of thirteen of New Zealand's most exciting current practitioners. All recent graduates from arts institutions, both local and international, these artists draw on a vast terrain of medium and criticality's, giving an overview of the diversity and depth of contemporary practice today.


From Below
Sera Jensen and Brendan Lee

May 3- May 20, 2001

From Below is the second collaborative work by Christchurch artists Sera Jensen and Brendan Lee. This collaboration is intended as an ongoing practice. The very nature of collaboration is important in both these works, as the artists explore the process of working beyond an individual practice into what they have described as "a conversation, a dialogue rather than...the mythologised secret introspection of the individual artist". In their shared works aspects of their own practices can be discerned, reconfigured and recontextualized by the process’s of sharing and exchanging ideas.

The installation is an exploration of perception, time, and contemplation. Within this is an attempt to re-discover the value of closely observing direct experience. Hearth (Canvass, 2000, Christchurch) marked the beginning of this process and reflected the artists shared interest in the use of time-based media (sound and video) in combination with installed objects. Their current work From Below seeks to develop this experimental approach within the constraints of the gallery.

Reviews & Essays

Fresh - A series profiling Contemporary New Zealand Practitioners
Essay by Lee Devenish
in The Physics Room Annual 2001
ISBN 0-9582359-1-0

Images looking up
The Press, 2001 May 16, p. 36
Ussher, Robyn.
From Below: an installation by Brendan Lee and Sera Jensen; Take Out by Julaine Stevenson.