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Face t0 Face
Sean Kerr
December 15 - January 8 1999

Sean Kerr's Face t0 Face / The Minimalist Massacre Part II greets visitors as they enter the gallery with a heart stopping volley of gunfire triggered by a motion sensor device. Inside the exhibition space a computer monitor displays well known modernist artworks - Gordon Walters, Milan Mrkusich - which accumulate new bullet holes each time someone walks through the door. Continuing the carnage of formalist artworks, a selection of 'firearm compositions' are available for the audience to enjoy on compact disc, each named after a well known male artist.
The viewer is the vital ingredient in Face t0 Face, unwittingly contributing to a tongue in cheek obliteration of our artistic heritage, and left to contemplate the conflation of violence, technology and art that Kerr presents us with.

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Showing of three
Christchurch star, 1999 Dec. 22, p. B5
Face to Face/The Minimalist Massacre Part II, by Sean Kerr; Gallery 5 by Maddie Leach; exhibiton by Simen Johan.