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Fiona Gunn: arcanum
Fiona Gunn: arcanum
Fiona Gunn thought feeling - dry words


Joanne Moar & Jim Speers
Fiona Gunn & Frances Joseph
Phil Dadson & Mike Stevenson
3x2 was a series of three exhibitions, each featuring two artists, that ran at the Physics Room from February to June.

The artists were invited to present their work with the exhibition space's context in mind, including its past uses and its wider surroundings. One way of considering the work, then, is in relation to these things.

Fiona Gunn & Frances Joseph were the two artists paired for the second of the three shows in 3x2.

Fiona Gunn'sarcanum carries on from a piece in Sydney in November 1996 titled thought feeling - dry words.

"But if I wait for understanding to accept things - the act of surrender will never take place."
Clarice Lispector
The Stream of Life

About thought feeling - dry words:

"It is precisely the steady depth of this presentation, teased apart from simple beginnings, which expands to fill the space. One is held in the movement by which this animation is teased open. It is determinedly present without demanding attention or expulsion.

"...I see a girl sitting on a chair, solitary. She seems to rise and fall, defying gravity. Drawing the drawing, the girl in the chair makes four copies at a time … with carbon in between. Pressure flows into line, the lines recede under fading pressure, lines sit in ambiguous space. Prepared washes of pure cobalt blue pigment drift to the surface. She sees through her body. The chair becomes the body. They separate. Now we enter the room. A light image is projected at the wall, sliced by a wooden pillar. The image holds steady and then it changes... the girl is restless in her chair. Another image swings accross the wall, closing the gap momentarily, then passing through. Decisively swinging around the room in a blue mirror haze, the moving image duplicates repetitions on the divided wall (made immediately) by regular twin meetings when the gap is closed. But always passing through, illuminating the walls of the enclosure, round and around. Rhythm of pages turning, and the heart...

"There is so little to it: a regular rhythm broken traversely to catch the eye, but not be captured."

Liz Coates
March 1997

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Unevenly Spaced
2 CENTS 1 June 1997
Felicity Milburn
Fiona Gunn and Frances Joseph @ The Physics Room
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