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Log 1 - Video



ssue One: View contents pageThe inaugural issue of Log Illustrated sinks its teeth into the oft overlooked artform of video, with reviews of some of NZ's most interesting recent works, such as Lisa Reihana's A Maori Dragon Story by Tessa Laird, Sean Kerr's Jaunt by Alice Hutchison, and a poetic meditation on Veronica Vaevae's videos by John Pule. Meanwhile, Gwyn Porter gets to the heart of Hollywood, Daniel Malone interviews notorious New York cable art stars Alex Bag and Patterson Beckwith, and our man in New York, David Watson, interviews the editor of Bummer Patrol, another copiously anarchic Manhattan Cable show. For art history buffs, NZ Video buff Lawrence McDonald is interviewed, and he also pays homage to Philip Dadson's seminal work Earth / Breath.


A Pixelated Cousin
Alice Hutchison looks at Sean Kerr's Jaunt

Wooden Heart
Tessa Laird on Lisa Reihana's A Maori Dragon Story

The Navigator
John Pule waxes lyrical on the video work of Veronica Vaevae

No Dodo
Tessa Laird interviews Lawrence McDonald, the man behind the New Zealand Video Archive

The Money or the Bag
Daniel Malone interviews American video artists Alex Bag and Patterson Beckwith following their trip to New Zealand last year

Artists, writers and curators reminisce about the videos that changed their lives

Four Freeze Frames by Christopher Chapman and Peter Harding

How America Won the Century
Gwin Porter ponders Hollywood and asks Giovanni Intra and Thierry Jutel for help

Or, Video Arcade by Daniel Malone

Letter from London by David Carman

Easy Dose it
David Watson interviews Robert Sykes, the editor of Bummer Patrol, a Manhattan cable show that details the exploits of the Jed Brain Rehab Centre

((Incompetency) & Suicide)
Robert Hutchinson on Ronnie Van Hout's Crash and Burn

Latterday Byte Fever
Daniel Etherington on some recent work by Paul Swadel

A Respect for Asymetry
Brigid Shadbolt on some recent works by Julainne Sumich

Remix Pastmaster
Lawrence McDonald recalls Phil Dadson's Earth / Breath

A cartoon by Violet Faigan and text by Tessa Laird

Bad Aboriginal Art
Danny Butt reviews the collected writings of the late Eric Michaels

Nine and a Half Weeks
Writers round up recent art of interest in the four main centres;
Auckland Roundup by Joyce Campbell
Wellington Roundup by Robin Neate
Christchurch Roundup by Jonathan Bywater
Dunedin Roundup by Helen Chapple

Children's Pages
Are Humans Real?
Thomas Oliver looks at the videos our children are watching
Now we are Sick
Naoimi Rousseau lifts the lid on Beatrix Potter

Poets Corner
The Petrified Heart; the Pulse of Sisiphys
Cameron Bain examins repetition
With photographs by David Scott



Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room