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Body Scape
Jae-Hoon Lee
23 October - 15 November 2001

Scars, lesions, scabs and spots come to the fore this month at the Kiosk!

A computer monitor installed in the Kiosk presents an endless expanse of body and skin, the camera panning obsessively over and across, again and again. Auckland based digital artist Jae-Hoon Lee documents his body in a state of constant vitality, depicting his physicality as a biological algorithm with the constant flow of space and time.

Utilizing the body's surface vulnerabilities - scars, black spots, bruises and wrinkles, Jae-Hoon relocates and resizes these marks by computer manipulation into a simulacrum of media information and code - reworking his own flesh and blood into a virtual body.

KIOSK is a permanent public art site for temporary installations of new audio, screen-based, and object based work, twenty four hours a day / seven days a week.

Located on the corner of High and Manchester Streets (outside Java Cafe) in Christchurch, New Zealand. Check out the web site for documentation and further info:

The Physics Room Programme - July to Dec 2001

The Physics Room programme is proudly supported by Creative New Zealand/Toi Aotearoa

Thanks to 0800 Phantom and Christchurch City Council.