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Rachel Brunton @ the Kiosk:
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Rachel Brunton
20 November - 13 December 2001

What happens when you capture an orgone? The mysterious object in the Kiosk this month alludes to psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich's 1930's theories of orgone accumulation, a cosmic energy that charges the cells of all living things. Or perhaps it is a stray UFO, just happened to fall from the sky into the waiting arms of the Kiosk?

Sleek, sculptural, and beautifully crafted, Christchurch based artist Rachel Brunton's work could have come from the set of a retro sci-fi movie. Inert and dormant during the day, at night it comes alive, an eerie machine hovering like floating plasma or fast moving particles of light and sound.

KIOSK is a permanent public art site for temporary installations of new audio, screen-based, and object based work, twenty four hours a day / seven days a week.

Located on the corner of High and Manchester Streets (outside Java Cafe) in Christchurch, New Zealand. Check out the web site for documentation and further info.

The Physics Room Programme - July to Dec 2001

The Physics Room programme is proudly supported by Creative New Zealand/Toi Aotearoa

Thanks to 0800 Phantom and Christchurch City Council.