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As with LOG 2 the Orientalism Issue,LOG 9 the Lists issue is an experiment with format. With millennial journalism doing the top-ten overkill, Log Illustrated took it upon itself to resuscitate the list as a fun way to string a sentence together. Or a group of images, for that matter.

Featuring a provocative cover by Geoff Heath, and a magnificent calendar pull-out by Ani O'Neill, this edition of LOG is a must. Other highlights: Gwyn Porter's lusty polemic on the museum as a hothouse of passion, Joyce Campbell's snaps of the Latino Los Angeles, British trio Norman Hogg, Marijke Steedman and Simon Wood whip up their deliciously nauseating Recipe for something Else, Terrence Handscomb spills the beans on who he would really like to sleep with, and swamp-city sculptor-boy Dan Arps makes a witty writerly debut with his Christchurch-roundup...





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4-9 )) ART

See Chris Chapman, Bill Manhire+Damien Wilkins+Greg O'Brien+Lara Strongman, Guy Ngan, The Wizard, Dane Mitchell, Daniel Malone, and Julaine Dashper run! Run, lovers, run! Run for the hills, for they reek of art!

10-13 )) Sex and Love
The adult Gwyn Porter, Brian Goss, Judy Darragh, Terence Handscomb, and Hannah Slagle get down on it. Love, indeed, comes in spurts. May their lums reek! (That's trad. Scots for "may their chimneys smoke" by the way.)

14-15 )) The Utopian Annex
The ever-worldly Jennifer Moon and Bryce Galloway dream the impossible dream. Wake up to them, dear reader, and to your heart's desires!

18-21 )) Books and Learning
The bookish Jeffrey Abbott, Pat Faigan, Jason Greig, Naomi Rousseau, Dominic Pettman, Giovanni Intra, G. Mann, Rachel Cole, and Bob Cardy share their words with you, so that you might read them, and be moved, and learnedly so.

22-23 )) Town and Country
Celia Mendoza, Rae Culbert, Angelique Kasmara, and Fiona Amundsen look about them, be their environs rural, urban, or otherwise. Would you like to see what they have to say? Well, what are you waiting for? Are those hands painted on?

24-27 )) Wildlife
Your hosts, Bat Conservation International, D. J. Huppatz, Hannah Slagle, Dominic Pettman, Tessa Laird, Katy Fischer, and Jeffrey Abbot, try to fill the void left by the demise of Lorne Greene, with no Acoustic guitars, animation, or filming even. Just writing and passion. Stop press! Includes monster Ani O'Neill poodle calendar give-away!

28-31 )) The East is a Career
Hum Hindustani, Hemant Parikh, Anne Hill, Angelique Kasmara, John Laird, and even Tessa Laird (get out of town!) thrill to the Orient. And there we all were thinking that the Panama Canal opening would end this carry on.

34-7 )) New romantics
Yoiks et alors! Yvonne Todd, Lyndal Jeffreys, Chris Chapman, Tom Gleeson, David Hornblow, David Carman+Anya Thompson, April Durham, Sarah Matsuda, Hannah Slagle, Alice Angus, and Daniel Mancini - what tangled webs they weave! Pass the laudanum and my water crackers, my good man. I feel some special feelings coming on!

38-9 )) Kool
Danny Butt, D. J. Huppatz, Judith V. Fisher, Kirsty Gregg and Log's very own Warren Olds strut their stuff. Kool? You decide. We have no idea anymore. And even if we did, it would be so hard to get across cogently. [Mental note: run idea for future Log "Intelligence" issue up the ol' flagpole and see who salutes.]

40-45 )) Round-ups
Yep, opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one. We have Melbourne by Clare Firth-Smith, an Artspace expozay (Reuters), Auckland ath per C. and B. Scene, Wellington according to the effervescent Sean Kerr, Christchurch chit chat courtesy of the charming Dan Arps, and Dunedin by Southern it-boy Warren Olds.

The Unnameable

16-17 ))
Live and Direct from the Barrio, Joyce Campbell sends us a love letter from L.A.

32-33 ))
Forget the Naked Chef (he's never naked anyway) -- how about an Artist Sandwich? Norman Hogg+Marijko Stoodman+Simon Wood give us their recipe for "something else".



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