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Log 2 - Orientalism



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Always fresh, always good, LOG proves it's not afraid to go backwards to go forwards (the magazine is read from right to left in Oriental fashion).

The contents are a medley of writing and works by artists of Asian descent, and writing and works by artists who wish they were of Asian descent. Stand-outs are: an interview with the Sultan of Ocussi-Ambeno, homages to Keiji Haino (Nick Cain) and Rirkrit Tiravanija (Anna Sanderson), and a major discussion of the work of Daniel Malone by Gwyn Porter. The centrefold of a group of Auckland artists in Japanese SchoolGirl uniforms styled by Kirsty Cameron is a collectors' item.


A Book Within a Book
Brigid Shadbolt unravels the narrative in Peter Greenaway's latest cinematic splurge

Weeping-Pore Productions Present the Karaoke Kid (Another Bad Design),
a pagework by Terry Urbahn

Zen and Now,
a pagework by Peter Harding and Chris Chapman

Nine and a Half Weeks
Writers round up recent art of interest in the four main centres;
Auckland Roundup by Rob Hutchinson
Wellington Roundup by Terrence Handscomb
Christchurch Roundup 1 by Sarah Mitchell
Christchurch Roundup 2 by Vanessa Jack
Dunedin Roundup by Emma Bugden and Jonathan Nicol

Children's Pages
Naomi Rousseau and Tessa laird discuss Islam as the enemy in C.S.Lewis' Narnia Chronicles while Thomas Oliver continues his investigation into kiddy culture, this time looking at supermarket rides


Poets Corner
Featuring The Haiku Championships, Mr Infotainment Hemant Parikh's lesson in Hindi film dialogue, and Jon Bywater's Ethnological Forgery.

The East is a Career
Gwynneth Porter investigates the tireless artistry of Daniel Malone

Chinky Sects
Artist Pinups, the Christchurch version

Hair Piece
Jim and Mary Barr take LOG to the salon to talk to Clark York

School and the Gang
Little Log Ladies hold their playlunch for Fryderyk Kublikowski, Denise Kum and Kirsty Cameron. Photography assistant Karen Abplanalp.

Log on Location
West meets East for Judy Darragh then goes home for a cup of tea and a lie down

a page work by Jennifer Moon

Mysteries of The East
a pagework by Fiona Pardington

Canicula: Pet Culture Fever
Gregory Moulinet discusses Narumi Nobuhira's enduring fascination with man's best friend

Impressions of the Sultan
An intrerview with the infamous Bruce Grenville and just a few of his alter-egos

Romance of the three Kingdoms in Underglaze Blue,
a pagework by Darian Zam

Counter Culture
Alice Hutchison looks at the recent work of Tatsuo Miyajima

Where the Lights are Low
Benjamin Genocchio chronicles one of the newest galleries on the Sydney circuit

Boys Who Love Noise Who Love Boys Who Love Noise
Nick Cain provides a layman's guide to Japanese Avante Garde Music

Rumble in the Jungle
Jonathan Nicol stalks the source of the Drum and Bass syndrome

The Glass and Bead Game
Anna Sanderson looks at a recent work by Rirkrit Tiravanji

Heaven's Snares, Deftly Avoided
Cameron Bain falls under the spell of the poppy, with images by arch-Orientalist Haru Sameshima



Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room