Decor: Show me yours and I'll show you mine
Banking is a cultural exchange with limits put on the rewards. Cutting-edge design is important to banking and other systems of hierarchy.

The work shown here of Lesley Knight and Amanda Newall is about complementary trends and back-rubbing. These qualities are inherent within good design.

Situated in a recently vacated bank, the artists have chosen to see the decor as being an icon of twentieth-century capitalism. Considering that now more banking takes place outside the bank, alongside the push to make money obsolete, bank decor has become more of a collector's piece.

Capitalist power dynamics will continue to flourish, hence the floral patterns hold great relevance to the piece. New Zealand's shift to a larger, more worldly status has seperated lifestyle. The top end lifestyle soars into prominence, whilst the bottom end is losing fashion fast. Those lacking fashion are taking it lying or sitting down, waiting for their time to come as a collector's piece.