From this seated place, it is possible to reduce the distance a little. To find that far away things are actually close. Places, people, events involving places and people. frame1 So to, events in places significant for the absence of people. Just complete absence.

People not being there. It's quite a nice thought really, and it's quite a nice thing. My absence in all places other than the places I am. frame2 That's how it is really, exactly like that.
As I move forward (in)to, I remove my absence from that place. And create my absence in that previous place. I (i) am intending to remove my absence from that intended place. frame3 That's what I'm doing... sitting. Sitting here not quite flashing not quite blinking, neither on the periphery nor the centre... wandering in mental steps... glacier country, deep gorge being. frame4 A regular flash and alternating blink once every four days doesn't match my pulse.

If you blink your eyes you might miss the flash and have to wait for the next one.

special thanks to:
Max Bourke
Torben Tilly - minit man
Coda Audio

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