Olivia Lory Kay
Travelogues: Local Journeys #1

Community Hall

Travelogues provides a meet point for pre-cinema viewing; by the candy box cinema goers stock up on sweets and chat. Films are explicit in making culture an issue of communication and short films are often designed to speak to local audiences, to present a slice of life that is recognisable in parts or familiar in tone. A film thus presents itself as both a token of memory and a marker of identity - culturally, socially, individually.

Tarkovsky's Stalker presents a holocaustic vision which is as familiar as it is terrifying. The voice of the room and the wind rustling the grass. Throwing metal nuts tied with white cloth through the undergrowth. The Zone; breaking and entering - it is a world that is familiar, yet also a place where nothing is as it seems ...

Imagination is a mirror journey. But what is the relationship between what is outside the window and what presents itself on the screen ?


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