Maddie Leach
At Home


At Home is a small plantation of twenty-six rose bushes that proceed along the garden path of the (now vacant) Otira Playcentre. The path extends from the road in a direct line to the front door of the house. I have planted a block of fourteen white 'Iceburg' roses with another twelve of coloured variety. As is standard in rose growing, these roses have feminine names. For their particular qualities I chose - 'Nancy Hayward', 'Doris Tysterman', 'Lady Waterlow', 'Kathleen Harrop' and 'St. Cecilie'. There are also two Chinese roses called 'Mutabilis'.

It is my wish that the roses that constitute At Home will grow and remain on this site, once they have become accustomed to the Otira climate.

Maddie Leach
January 1999


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