Jodi Rose


In event of earthquake the phone will ring

The COMGAS TM Tele-Seismic Emergency Phone is the latest in technological innovation. Wired directly into the faultline, the COMGAS TM Tele-Seismic Emergency Phone will ring when the electric charge preceding an earthquake triggers its sensitive seismonic equipment.

COMGAS TM Tele-Seismic Emergency Phone connects to silence listening for the gaps in the faultline, the pause before the earth shudders, the tremor of divine voices speaking through the earth's crust. The solution to the nth impulse is found where the instrument is sensitive to the desired signal, while simultaneously rejecting false signals.

Infinite possibilities and vibrations of chance and chaos echo along the channels of communications vectors to YOU, the receiver. Using a sound that cannot be heard to find moments of slippage in the creation of cultural and personal mythology and allowing you to slide though them into the faultline.

COMGAS TM is the Cult of the Mad Genius Artstar, an ongoing conceptual work exploring the gaps and spaces in the fabric of cultural production.

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