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The Düsseldorf Artists' Archive was founded in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1968 with the aim of providing a comprehensive and up to date overview of contemporary art being produced and exhibited in the area.

In addition to its long and rich art heritage Düsseldorf, the German "city of art", is a vital centre of contemporary practice. The Kunstakademie Düsseldorf is one of the most renowned art academies in Germany. Over its 200 year history it has played host to a number of well known artists and art movements, such as Fluxus and Joseph Beuys in the 1960s and currently has names such as Trockel, Cragg and Kounellis on the teaching staff.

The Düsseldorf Artists' Archive grew out of the Academy's own collection and is today an invaluable addition to the wealth of existing museums and galleries in Düsseldorf.

The body of the Archive is made up of documentation, catalogues and small works of art provided by individual artists and artist groups who are based in Düsseldorf, or have some connection to the city. The Archive receives over 1000 new entries and up-dates annually.

The Archive is open 6 days a week with free admission. The IS 000 visitors the Archive receives a year proves its worth as an accessible resource to both the art community and general public.

The Düsseldorf Artists' Archive has recently been looking to extend its programme and carry both its collection and its philosophy and working methods to a new international audience, and in doing so strengthen ties to other art communities. This initiative has given rise to international projects of the type currently taking place in New Zealand.

The Düsseldorf Artists' Archive is currently touring the Mobile Archive, a collection of work by over 80 artists from Düsseldorf, which has been brought together in transportable form. In September 1998 it could be seen at the High St. Project space in Christchurch and in 1999 will visit further venues throughout New Zealand.

In Otira, as part of Oblique, the Düsseldorf Artists' Archive has undertaken, as an adjunct to the Mobile Archive, the oblique seminar room. The seminar room recreates the seminar room of the Düsseldorf Artists' Archive building in Germany, a vital and much used facility. As in Düsseldorf, the seminar room in Otira will provide a venue for artists talks and talks on issues of local interest.

The seminar room will become a forum for artist discourse throughout the oblique project and thus is in keeping with the Düsseldorf Artists' Archive charter both at home in Germany and in its international outreach programme: to promote communication and a better understanding of contemporary artistic practice among both artists and general audiences.

Project Co-ordinators: Christine Erhard Lucy Harvey Joanne Moar Ralf Werner


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