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Log 7 - Science Fact and Fiction

Science Fact and Fiction


Issue Seven: View contents pageLOG designer Warren Olds is in his element with this issue, which has a "space-age" feel.

Michael Morley looks at the hierarchy of CNN and science, Julainne Sumich examines Joyce Campbell's penchant for Petri dishes. Marcus Moore talks about Star Wars (somebody had to), while the enigmatic "Atomjack" discusses the scientific possibility of immortality. There is an excerpt from Chris Kraus's forthcoming novel Aliens and Anorexia, as well as short stories by Martin Henderson and Deran Ludd. Pageworks by LA artists and a centrefold by Mr. Sean Kerr cap off this issue.

My Life With Stallone
Bryce Galloway uncovers some uncanny resemblances between the legendary Wendyhouse and Hollywood's hymn to the future, Demolition Man

Where fable is easier to digest than fact
LA's Museum of Jurassic Technology peeked into by Sophie Jerram

Sad World
A pagework by Richard Reddaway

Meeting Alien Spirit Guide and feeling Resentment
A screen image from the episodic hypertext work Year of the Rat by Terrence Handscomb

A pagework by Megan Dunn

What are we Fighting For?
Michael Morley looks at CNN and science as a hierarchical tool

Science Fiction Science Fact: Joyce Campbell's 'logic of behaviour'
Julainne Sumich gets in amongst the Petri dishes

Six Indicators
A half-page work by Christopher Chapman

Thripic Infections of the CNS
A short story by Sean O'Reilly

Orgone Accumulator
A pagework by Violet Faigan

Episode One: Remembering Vader
Marcus Moore lays bare his fandom for the force

Sucking in the 70s
An all-too-brief excerpt from the forthcoming autobiography of Duane Zarakov (with an illustration by Violet Faigan)

Static Channels - Protean Miracles of Vice and Wonder
Well, it started out as a band interview -but Bain is at it again

The Parallel Processing of Science, Fact and Fiction
Atomjack indulges imagination

Heaven is Evolution as the Random Factor
Angry Young Mancini on why Darwin sucks

He Just Kills Me
A short story by Bob Cardy (with an illustration by Adam Cullen)

The Artronauts [a.k.a. Robinson in Space]
Sean Kerr puts NZ's finest into orbit, where they belong

Aliens and Anorexia (an excerpt)
A tantalising glimpse of the forthcoming Chris Kraus novel

Virtual Twang
A short story by Martin Henderson

No Aloha (an excerpt)
From the forthcoming novel by Darian Ludd

A pagework by Peter Kim

A pagework by Chairman Now

Nine and a Half Weeks
Writers round up recent art of interest in the main centres;
Auckland Roundup by Megan Dunn and David Townsend
Wellington Roundup by Terrence Handscomb
Christchurch Roundup by Emma Bugden
Dunedin Roundup by Gwynneth Porter with pageworks by Denise Kum and Bill Hammond
Adelaide by Dr S. Murthy
Oblique special by Jon Bywater

What do you think Machines have to do with your Problem?
Ben Harper experiments with programming language

Poets' Corner
Matt Middleton and Atomjack


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