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Published to coincide with the Sydney Biennale, this issue features 50/50 Australian and NZ content, as well as pageworks by all six of the artists who represented NZ at the Biennale. This is also the first issue where LOG goes bicolor, and of course it's green and gold to honour our Aussie cuzzies, with a cover by NZ expat Darian Zam. Gwyn Porter looks at Adam Cullen, Adam Cullen looks at Daniel Malone, Daniel Malone uses a pseudonym because he can't find anyone to write about his work. Gavin Hipkins provides the centrespread: it looks like two fuzzy kiwifruit but we all know it goes way deeper than that’right?


Adam Cullen
Page work

Under the Southern Cross

or "Cold? Well put a bloody jersey on then"
Gwynneth Porter looks at Culture Shocks and Adam Cullen, not necessarily in that order

Stationary Walkabout
Robyn M. Khan discusses Daniel Malone's Gondwanaland project in Sydney's Side-on gallery. Adam Cullen interjects

Interesting Drudge
Larissa Hjorth reviews Hobbycore at Melbourne's Stripp Gallery

The Trans-Tasman Tea Party
Documentation of a project by the same name

Peripheral Attractions
Clare Firth-Smith discusses the dodgy sentiments of Julian Holcroft's voyeuristic short film Seventeen

Kulture Korner
Ben Harper reviews bands Minit and Parmentier in Melbourne, while wine and art critic Keith Stewart tackles the cultural and culinary ramifications of the new yellow kiwifruit

Close Quarters
Pageworks by two of the artists involved in the Close Quarters project; Carbon Copy series by Simryn Gill, and Art Collection by Marie Shannon

Who's afraid of Henrik Loof?
Maria Walls deconstructs David Haines, Kevin Sheehan, and Eudora

Playing for the B(iennale) Team. Hey! Hey!
Violet Faigan renders New Zealand's torch carriers at the Sydney Art Olympics

B-Team Pageworks
Joyce Campbell, Jim Speers, Denise Kum, Gavin Hipkins, Peter Robinson, and Ani O'Neill

Volk Talk
Jonathan Bywater reviews Folklore: The New Zealanders, curated by Gavin Hipkins and last seen at Artspace, Auckland

Nobuhira Narumi

Ann Shelton
Ann Shelton's Big Head takes on Christchurch Public Transport

Chez Darren
LOG gets intimate with Darren Knight, dealer

Letter from London
Terrence Handscomb makes a brief detour on his way to Berlin

Nine and a Half Weeks
Writers round up recent art of interest in the main centres;
Auckland Roundup by Megan Dunn and David Townsend
Wellington Roundup by Tessa Laird
Christchurch Roundup by Luke Strongman
Dunedin Roundup by Daniel Canada
Melbourne by Lyndal Walker
Sydney by David Haines
Adelaide by Chris Chapman

Poets' Corner
Tony Green and Giovanni Intra



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