Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics RoomLog 13 - The Revolution Issue
Log 13 - The Revolution Issue

Tokyo - Cushla Donaldson



Slow beginnings to mad Gaijin-induced orality! This culture is in shock, gone back to the nipple. We underestimated the power of the infantile drive amongst a nation dedicated to its masculine adult satisfaction. When the atomic lightning struck, the cock-tower tumbled and the subsequent reversion to the western oral fixation has extended itself to an absorption of a language/English culture/American.

During the bubble economy, Japan consumed alongside the best of them. Traditional leanings towards thrifty fear and hand-me-down materials gave way to empire building and classic penis presentation in the displays of rampant wealth. Conservative spending was seen as unpatriotic: spending kept the economic cauldron boiling and became the hobby, occupation and civic duty that it is now.

Rampant orality is the beads and blankets these people have been bought with.

America adopted the orphaned Japanese baby for a position in the Asian playground.  The war is being won over and over via the stimulation of oral drives and flooded minds. ‘Mother/mouth’-orientated comforts such as cigarettes, alcohol, food and English are soaking like a rock in the bottom of this social onsen*. The occupation of Japan continues through the population’s engendered, still infantile, desires.

We arrived to earn money we can’t have at home. Spread the word and break the creative poverty trap engendered in our own country by past hostile leadership. Prostitutes with our language using a different orifice (usually), native tonguing pays better, and less skill is needed to speak to, than to fuck, a stranger.

English is prized and cool. Gaijin are rock-stars, and the lowest common denominator western males are infiltrating the Japanese bloodlines due to this cultivated image. A common strategy employed in wartime.

I recommend more antipodean reinforcements as the American presence here is large and concerning. With the globalisation of English, aided by the Internet, the Japanese are using their acquired language with China and smaller Asian countries, hence spreading the disease via the Trojan horse of speech encasing the American mind.

Probably the most concerning report I have to make is a concern for my own validity as a reliable source of information. Due to the massive sensory training constantly undergone by the population here, we are observed to be undergoing some ideological changes and aligning ourselves with the massive middle class of Japan. The typical bourgeois self-protective qualities are seductive and unkind to a compassionate nature.

The deep human drive towards oral comforts is soft hummings in the minds of the servants to language. Money, alcohol and visual stimuli are washing soma-like over objectivity and perspective.

The wage earned for selling the native tongue is comparative to the initial wages of the young salary man, or kohi. I am afraid for this latest communiqué. It is observed that Giajin who remain here over three years or more and have a drive to adopt the culture are soporific in their speech, and display significant discomfort when issues like these are discussed in open (which is common amongst newcomers). Similar to behaviour observed in incarceration.

The innate value that learning English has here is not due to the joy of acquisition but to its being the lingua franca of enemy number one. The antipodean poverty jet set entrenched here are yet again the handmaidens for Uncle Sam. The satisfaction in the gathering of knowledge is hampered by the need to feed from the ‘glamour’ cultures and to ‘deal’ in business English.

A deep connection is therefore drawn between the primal need for nutrition and comfort of a feminine kind and consumerism at its high mark as observed in Tokyo.

Urgent action is needed against our softening towards bourgeois ideals, self-isolation and stupor. Creating complacency in the face of the suffering of others (emotional, financial and otherwise) through political manipulation and ideological limitation (as observed in my environment before extradition). Watch in particular for consumerist encapsulation unknown and foreseen.

It is heartening, however, to note the youth gingerly moving towards illegalities and alternative lifestyles similar to those noted pre-1960s. In fact the comparison between America 1950s and Japan today is clear in its bottom-feeder rebellions. The Aquarian revolution in the west that has rolled on unceasingly may in fact find its high tide mark, as has consumerism, here in the east.

It is essential that the youth here gain a strong grip on the dedicated sword of English. If this weapon is solely in the hands of the conservative moneyed, the balance will be tipped and deeply concerning.

You have been warned.


*Like a Rotorua hotpools without the bogans!

Cushla Donaldson is an artist and writer from Auckland. She lives in Tokyo with her partner and gives English. (cush2010@yahoo.com or cush2010@hotmail.com)




Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room