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Joshua Grant

We were at a party a week before Josh died, and I was telling someone about the young thought that was Gridlocked at that time, when Josh suddenly swept into the conversation.

His demand for the first show was beautiful, it was granted, and he died a week later.

The image we have used was his trademark. He wanted to wallpaper the entire Art School in this image, have his face plastered to every surface.

Gridlocked is hosting the Joshua Grant website. The site will contain images of all of the works in 'I will be famous - works by, with and for Joshua Grant'.

It will also host the catalogue essay by Sarah Farrar, T-shirt information, and any other associated documents. The site will be online in the weeks following the opening of this exhibition.


Gridlocked appreciates the generous support of Kate Hindin, the UBIX Copy Centre, and Grammagrav. Thank you to the Grant Family for their support. Thanks also to all the local businesses who have provided sites for these installations.

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