Sam Eng
First installed outside HSP on Cashel Street in Christchurch, and now fighting for voice in the art-hub that is K'Rd, Auckland, Sandwich Board is proud to host the work of Christchurch artist, Sam Eng. (July 2004).

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Gridlocked ran in Christchurch, New Zealand from 2002 - 04. The project located itself in the unused alleyways, shop fronts and windows of central Christchurch, with the intention of creating art works which the public could happen upon, and have an experience of the work unmediated by an institution of art.

24 installations were realised during this time, which also included tours to Queenstown and Dunedin.

As the project has now concluded, this is an archived site.
It exits in the periphery of time.
Tessa Giblin

Web Design:

Kate Hindin - New Media Design

I will be famous: an exhibition by, with and for Joshua Grant. Click image for details.


Gridlocked is reliant on the generosity of both funding parties and property owners:

The project receives funding from The Community Employment Group of the Department of Labour, and Creative Communities with the support of the Christchurch City Council.

community employment group

Christchurch City Council

operate charitable trust

creative nz

Gridlocked would also like to extend warm thanks to Penny Sport Cycles, UniMed, English and Co, and the Notary Group. Without the contributions made by these Christchurch businesses, there would be no project

With thanks to the Physics Room for archiving this project.